Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Reach Temporary Child Custody Agreement in Divorce

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, news of whose contentious divorce broke in early September, have reached a temporary child custody agreement that will allow their two daughters to split time with them, extending until early 2024. They have until December 23 of this year to update what will happen beyond the interim order, People reported.

Turner and Jonas are splitting up after four years of marriage, and have two young daughters: three-year-old Willa and 15-month-old Delphine. When Jonas initially filed for divorce in Florida, records indicated that he would ask for joint custody. However, in mid-September, Turner filed a lawsuit in Manhattan asking that the children be returned to her immediately, saying that Jonas refused to surrender their passports to allow them to return to her native England with Turner. (Jonas responded by calling Turner’s claim “misleading,” saying that she had demanded that Jonas “hand over the children’s passports so that she could take them out of the country immediately,” and that he was “seeking shared parenting with the kids so that they are raised by both their mother and father…in the US and the UK.”) A court order then required the children to stay in New York for the time being.

Turner and Jonas, according to the new documents, “engaged in a productive mediation from Oct. 4-7,” leading to a new interim custody plan.

Turner will have custody of the children from October 9 to October 21, and they will be permitted to travel throughout the United States and England. Jonas has the same travel rules for his time with the kids, the first period of which is October 21 to November 2. Turner then has the children November 2–22, Jonas takes another turn from November 22 to December 16, and then Turner has custody over the holidays, from December 16 to January 7.

The couple is to undergo further mediation and submit a letter with a status update and further custody plans by December 23, before the interim plan has run its full course.

Jonas’s initial divorce filing, which claimed the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” noted that “a parenting plan should be established, which addresses all parenting issues and contains a timesharing schedule providing for frequent and continuing contact with both parties. The children have been residing with their father in Miami and other locations throughout the United States.”

In Turner’s following custody lawsuit, she claimed that the children were being “wrongfully retained” and shared a detailed timeline of where the couple and their children had lived, as well as the agreement she said she and Jonas had made to call England a permanent home for themselves and their children. In the filing, she said that she had agreed “with hesitation” to the children traveling with Jonas on tour while she filmed her most recent project, Joan, abroad.

Jonas continues his world tour with his band, the Jonas Brothers, while Turner has been spotted around New York as of late, occasionally alongside Taylor Swift, who reportedly made her New York City apartment available to Turner and her children.